Profitable Horse Racing Tips

Most horse racing websites promise unbelievable profits that are meant to persuade you that you’ve just stumbled upon the best betting approach in the history of mankind. The problem is that I have never seen a single one of those guys actually succeed.

But what can work is a well researched, sensible betting approach that takes advantage of solid selection criteria and uses sound money management rules. These are more than just simple horse racing tips, instead I offer professional system selections tailored especially for the Australian market so that the odds are actually in your favour which lessens the risks of gambling.

Winning Strike Rate + Profitability


We have spent many years and many thousands of dollars developing a state of the art approach to analysing horse racing results.

It is amazing what you can learn by trawling through thousands of races to discover what really is most important in finding (a) the most likely winner of a race and (b) the profile of horses that start at a value price.

We developed a criteria which we then tested on real races in real time and both the winning strike rate and the profitability were very impressive.

The reason I share my tips is because over the last few years I have been limited or banned by all the corporates.

Now, 3-4 times each week we can email you a System King selection to help you win at the races.

Start winning today!

The System King method gives you a winning edge over your competition, being bookies and other punters.

Your bank will not double this week because that is not how betting works. But my systemised approach will enable you to produce a consistent income from horse racing that more than matches the very best professional punters anywhere in the world.

Yours in professional betting,
Andrew Barrett


profit since the start of 2016!

Some Fun Facts

Here’s our record since the start of 2016 (updated 3/7/2019)
Strike Rate
-21 %
Bank Growth
-1 %
Profit on Turnover

One year down, and would just like to tell you how happy I am with what has happened.

I am up 98.45 units, on my figures, and looking forward to the next three years. I have tried a few other services over the years but you just send out the bets, and send out the results using "Best Tote or S.P.", cannot get any easier than that.



Get Started

Please select a plan that suits you


billed monthly
  • Betting 6-7 days per week
  • Tips emailed each day at 11am
  • Super profitable
    (over 10% POT since Jan 1, 2016)


billed annually
  • 25% discount off the monthly price
  • Tips emailed each day at 11am
  • Super profitable
    (over 10% POT since Jan 1, 2016)
  • We give you the discipline to win long-term
10x Saturdays


billed every 10 weeks
  • Betting on the busiest day of the week
  • High % of bets on Metro tracks
  • Tips emailed each Saturday at 11am

Want to be a profitable punter ?

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