$6.87 Midweek Multi

It's a Place Multi for us across Canterbury and Geelong.

We’re going with a few of our men’s top selections across Canterbury and Geelong races on Wednesday.

Place Multi – Canterbury and Geelong races

Cant R5 #8 Malahat @ 1.36
Cant R7 #2 Fortensky @ 1.53
Geel R8 #1 I’m Telling Ya @ 1.73
Geel R10 #5 Tan Tat Trusting @ 1.91

Multi Price – around $6.90 with Bet365 ($200 sign-up Bonus)

(Prices correct at 2pm Tuesday)

A word about taking a Yankee

(not the Baseball team)

If getting 3 legs out of 4 and losing your bet bothers you then you should consider taking a Yankee.

A Yankee is a bet where you get 11 different combinations across your 4 selections – 6 x doubles, 4 x trebles and a 4-teamer.

It essentially means that if you get 3 legs out of 4 then you should collect on 3 doubles and a treble which should go close to covering your outlay.

It’s offered by all bookies in the betslip so should be relatively easy to find when looking to place your bet.

Good luck!

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