May 24, 2019


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UBET Review

UBET, formerly Tatts, is our favourite bookie. They price their own markets and they take punters on. You would think that all bookmakers fit that description, sadly, few do.

We go through the rest of UBET’s strengths and weaknesses in this review. And we discuss the implications of their inevitable merger with the TAB.


UBET is an Australian owned bookmaker which is a rebranded evolution of It’s owned by the Tatts Group which operates the tote pools in Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania. UBET is essentially the corporate bookmaker arm of the business.

The Tatts Group also run their familiar lottery business:


As we write this review, the business is evolving yet again. The Tatts Group is likely to merge with the TAB in late 2017, which would mean one organisation would control 90% of the tote business in Australia.

There are public fears that this new monopoly will mean tote margins increase and punters suffer, however, the Australian Competition Tribunal has approved the merger and the impact can only be speculated upon.

It’s unclear how UBET will operate in 2018 and beyond. Our fear is that they will adopt the exact fixed prices, on sport and racing, as the TAB and lose a lot of their identity. However, until then, we’ll review UBET as it operates currently.

Website Layout, Mobile Usability and App is a simple and well executed online experience. It doesn’t do anything tremendously innovative, like Bet365’s video streaming, but it doesn’t need to.

The branding is strong, the website always feels new and it’s easy to navigate. It doesn’t overwhelm you with self promoting banners, like Sportsbet, and it’s easy to find the markets you need. It’s also a great place to find horse racing results that occurred earlier in the month.

The mobile app reflects the website. Clean, fast and easy to use. The experience clearly separates racing from sport and let’s you deep dive on either menu. Again, it’s not reinventing the wheel but it’s hard to find a flaw.

UBET were also one of the first to feature a live streaming radio and they now provide a race vision link to Sky 1. Live vision of sport would be the only addition that we can identify.

  • Website Layout 4.5/5
  • Mobile App 4.5/5

Why Bet With Them

We’re fearful that the merger with TAB will drastically change UBET’s biggest strengths.

Firstly, they have their own fixed prices. They rarely come across as copy/paste merchants, like many of their competitors. They’re one of the first bookies up each week for fixed price horse racing and greyhounds, they’re the market leader for jockey challenges and their Queensland presence sees them dominate rugby league, particularly in lower level competitions.

Furthermore, they have the best policy when it comes to winning clients. No other bookie, at least in our experience, tolerates winning punters as well as UBET. We’ll go into more detail later in this review.

They also bet to a tight percentage. Similar to their website, it’s hard to find criticisms of their odds or depth of markets.

  • Competitive Odds 4.5/5
  • Amount of Markets 4.5/5

Live Betting

Like most of their competitors, you can bet live on almost any significant sporting event. However, as legislation dictates, you’ll have to call up. Thankfully, their staff are pretty quick at placing a bet, although they insist on repeating every element of the selection which can result in time delayed price movements.

That being said, UBET can do little more to improve their live product. Streaming sport vision or a quick touch phone options are opportunities but not necessities.

  • Live Betting 3.5/5

Client Profiling & Account Restrictions

Professional punters don’t like any bookie. It’s a frosty two-way relationship. However, if you poll a significant sample of professionals we’re betting that UBET would be their least hated.

UBET are, in our opinion, the market leader at accepting bets. We’ve had successful betting accounts that have lasted twelve months at UBET that use the same betting patterns that can get us banned by competitors in less than half a day.

Our horse racing accounts are bet to win at least $1000 in all venues, not just those protected by minimum bet legislation. We can also back futures markets in most sports up to $5000.

Not only that, but you can place large anonymous bets on terminals as well. If you live in South Australia, Queensland or the Northern Territory (or have a friend there) you can go in for cash and get on for more.

  • Treatment of Winners 5/5

Bottom Line

UBET are a market leader. Their website is quick and easy to navigate, and they’ve started competing in the promotional space. More importantly, they’re one of the first to price markets and they stand by their odds. Their tolerance of winning clients is the best in the market and we love accessing Tatts terminals in selected states when we greedily want to get on for more.

UBET will remain our favourite bookie until the TAB takes over their organisation and presumably changes their odds and culture.

  • Website Layout 4.5/5
  • Mobile App 4.5/5
  • Competitive Odds 4.5/5
  • Amount of Markets 4.5/5
  • Promos 3/5
  • Live Betting 3.5/5
  • Treatment of Winners 5/5

Overall 4.5/5

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