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Australian-owned so give ’em a go!

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PalmerBet Review

There’s plenty of European raiders who’ve hit the Australian betting scene. Palmerbet are a proudly Australian bookmaker with a history on the rails. So how do they stack up?



Palmerbet was launched in 2013 by Sydney rails bookmaker Grant Palmer in partnership with his two brothers, Matthew and Adrian. The brothers worked full-time in the finance industry before founding the online business and pursuing bookmaking full-time. Their father Andrew and grandfather Ted were also rails bookmakers.

Unlike most corporate bookmakers in Australia, Palmerbet are not licensed and based in the Northern Territory. With Grant an on-course bookie, Palmerbet remain licensed in New South Wales, and are based at Canterbury Racecourse.

Back in 2013, Palmerbet launched by promising a different betting experience to the larger, foreign-owned corporates, including being happy to takes bets from winning punters.

“We’re confident we can manage the flow of money, use our insights into form and pricing and what the market is doing, and at the end of the year we’ll have a profit,” Palmer told the Australian Financial Review at the time.


Website Layout, Mobile Usability and App

Palmerbet’s desktop site was designed by the same people who put together a number of other bookie’s websites, so it’s a fairly familiar place for most punters.


The layout is fairly standard and comfortable: popular quick links down the left, promotions front-and-centre, and next-to-jump races and sports below. You can bet directly from these next-to-jump frames on the home page – the betslip will pop straight up and you go from there. It’s a nice, quick alternative to going to the race page itself.

In terms of speed however, things aren’t great once you get to the betslip. It’s not really clear what the issue is, but once you hit ‘Bet’ and ‘Confirm’ in the betslip, the ‘in progress’ process takes an eternity compared to other websites. All-in-all it’s not a huge issue, you just wouldn’t want to run into it if you were trying to have a bet right at the death when they’re in the gates – an extra 10 or 15 seconds of processing could be critical.

The full race page on Palmerbet is a slick and effective layout, emphasizing the important information and betting options. More form information is available on each runner with a click.

Moving to mobile, the Palmerbet app is a more unique tool. It’s laid out very well: nice big buttons and only the important stuff such as next to race, next to play, and a large menu for racing, sport and account options. Once in a race, picking your bet type and bet is very easy. Unfortunately, the slower betslip process occurs on mobile as well, but other than that there certainly isn’t any complaints with the app.

  • Website Layout 3.5/5
  • Mobile App 4.5/5

Why Bet With Them

All-in-all, Palmerbet offer a fairly solid betting experience with anything you’d want in terms of racing and sport markets. If you’re the patriotic type, they’re also one of the few national-scale bookmakers who remain completely Australian owned and operated.

Best of all for racing punters, Palmerbet offer that fantastic product that is crucial to all racing punters: Best of the Best. It’s available on all Saturday metro racing and gives you the higher price of Best Tote and Top Fluc. Only a few bookies offer it, and Palmerbet is one of them.

The spread of markets available ticks all the boxes. As well as horse racing, harness racing and greyhounds, all major sports and leagues are there for betting: AFL, NRL, EPL, A-League and all the soccer leagues, NBA, MLB, tennis, golf, motor sport and rugby.

  • Competitive Odds 3.5/5
  • Amount of Markets 4/5

Live Betting

Palmerbet take live bets on most popular sports, however unfortunately this is illegal online in Australia. So you now need to call the Palmerbet call centre to place a live bet. The Live Betting option covers all of the major sports such as AFL, NRL, cricket, NBA, NFL, soccer, rugby and tennis.

  • Live Betting 3/5

Client Profiling & Account Restrictions

As above, Palmerbet entered the market promising to take on all comers and act like more of a traditional bookmaker. While there are some stories around of Palmerbet limiting some punters, on the whole they appear to be relatively fair in comparison to many of the overseas-owned bookmakers.

Provided you prove yourself to be a genuine punter who isn’t only focused on smaller markets or pricing errors, you shouldn’t have too many problems with Palmerbet.

For racing punters, there are of course minimum bet limits in place which all bookmakers are required to abide by and take a bet.

In terms of promotions, like any bookie, they’ll be cut off if abused. Mix the promo bets with plenty of regular bets however and you should keep the bonus tap running for a good period of time.

  • Treatment of Winners 3/5

Bottom Line

Palmerbet are a good, solid locally-owned bookie to bet with for the average punter. The mobile app in particular is impressive, which is important as an increasing majority of punting is done on-the-go. While their odds and bonus offers aren’t top-of-market, they’re generally competitive and the aforementioned Best Of The Best option on Saturday Metro racing is a fantastic product which you can’t get with many bookies – and you’re best to spread it around with as many of them as possible. For that alone, if you’re into your racing, get yourself a Palmerbet account.

  • Website Layout 3.5/5
  • Mobile App 4.5/5
  • Competitive Odds 3/5
  • Amount of Markets 4/5
  • Promos 3.5/5
  • Live Betting 3/5
  • Treatment of Winners 3/5

Overall 3.5/5

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