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Luxbet Review

Luxbet are part of Tabcorp and the TAB… or are they a corporate bookmaker?
Check out our Luxbet review for all the info and details on what Luxbet have to offer.



Luxbet are indeed a division of Tabcorp, which of course also operate TAB.com.au, and the official totes in Victoria and New South Wales. Tabcorp started Luxbet in 2008, as part of their approach to take on the wave of corporate bookmakers that had arrived in Australia.



Tabcorp’s decision to set up Luxbet was based on two main factors:

  • A new brand to attract punters in the same way as new corporate bookmakers could, with similar offers for new customer sign-ups
  • You might have noticed that almost all corporate bookmakers that operate in Australia are licensed and based in the Northern Territory. This is due to the NT offering favourable tax arrangements compared to states such as New South Wales and Victoria. However, as the official tote and retail betting providers in Victoria and New South Wales, the TAB is actually a joint venture partner with those state bodies and licensed in those states. They needed a separate business in order to be licensed in the Northern Territory and therefore enjoy the same tax benefits as their corporate rivals. That business is Luxbet.

There’s been some conjecture around what may happen to the Luxbet business if and when the long-awaited Tabcorp / Tatts merger finally happens, including talk that the brand could be sold. It remains to be seen exactly how this will play out but with the constant hurdles the merger is facing, Luxbet won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


Website Layout, Mobile Usability and App

Luxbet’s desktop homepage is all business. Which is a good thing for serious punters.

Most bookmakers cover their homepages with advertisements for their promotional offers. Not Luxbet: it’s basically just two frames with next-to-go events (one for racing, one for sport), and some menu links at the top for popular sport and racing menus.

You’ll see this theme throughout. By design or otherwise, the Luxbet experience definitely feels more directed toward the serious punter. In a time when most are merely chasing the mug and going out of their way to avoid anybody with half a clue, it’s really great to see. Luxbet gets a big tick in this area.

The major problems with the Luxbet website, which quickly become apparent, is that it’s not that fast and not that well laid out. The aforementioned menu links reveal dropdown menus for whatever sport you’ve clicked on, and these continue to appear and change as you make your way through the lower levels of the menus. When you’re looking to put a bet on, you really just want easy-to-follow pages with links to get you where you need to go, not ever-expanding menu lists that you need to continue to scroll through.


To be fair, the layout thing isn’t exactly a “deal-breaker!’ It can be a bit annoying, but it’s more than worth it to access Luxbet’s prices and products.

Once you get there, the race page on Luxbet is a fairly standard affair: it’s quick and easy to select your bet type and get a bet on and all very easy to navigate. Plenty of form information is available on each runner.

The Luxbet mobile app offers a quite solid mobile betting experience. Again, ‘next to go’ racing and sport are front-and-centre and the main menu items are across the bottom. There’s plenty of shortcut buttons as well – the first of which is, strangely, ‘Feature Racing’. This is a quick link to futures racing markets. When you’re trying to bet quickly on mobile, it’s strange to have the prime real estate dedicated to markets for races that aren’t taking place for a few months! But anyway…

The app is otherwise easy to navigate and use. Unfortunately, it also suffers from the same speed issues as the desktop site, and seems to refresh and open new pages a little bit slower than the competitors. The ‘in progress’ animation is a galloping horse, that you’ll soon get sick of seeing! Again, it’s not a critical issue, more just a bit annoying sometimes.

  • Website Layout 2/5
  • Mobile App 3/5

Why Bet With Them

Whilst there are a few minor issues with usability, Luxbet are a fantastic bookie to actually bet with. Tabcorp have really put together a great offer with a real differentiation from their TAB.com.au business.

Luxbet’s prices are very competitive. It’s unclear what exactly how it’s done given they often differ from TAB.com.au’s prices, however you can often get prices at Luxbet that are superior to them and many other operators – Luxbet are often at or near the top of the market.

Best of all for racing punters, Luxbet offer that fantastic product that is crucial to all racing punters: Best of the Best. It’s available on all Saturday metro racing and gives you the higher price of Best Tote and Top Fluc. Only a few bookies offer it, and most cut it off pretty quickly if you’re good at what you do – Luxbet don’t.

The spread of markets available ticks all the boxes. As well as horse racing, harness racing and greyhounds, all major sports and leagues are there for betting: AFL, NRL, EPL, A-League and all the soccer leagues, NBA, MLB, tennis, golf, motor sport and rugby

  • Competitive Odds 4.5/5
  • Amount of Markets 4/5

Bonuses and Promo Generosity

Luxbet have offered some promos over the years, but it’s not been a focus of theirs for some time now. They offer few bonuses or promotions of this style at the moment.

There is however a generous sign-up bonus available here: deposit just $50 and you’ll receive $150 in bonus bets to top up your account. That’s a 300% bonus! Don’t miss out on that.

  • Promos 2/5

Live Betting

Luxbet have a Live Centre section on the website where you can see all their available live markets, but due to federal government legislation you need to call them to place a live bet. All the major sports are available for live betting: AFL, NRL, cricket, NBA, NFL, soccer and rugby.

  • Live Betting 3/5

Client Profiling & Account Restrictions

As the retail partner in Victoria and New South Wales and a longstanding institution in Australia, Tabcorp do not traditionally have the restrictive attitude toward winners that many corporate bookmakers have imported from their European operations.

This seems to have extended to Luxbet. They of course need to comply with minimum bet laws in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania, which will hopefully soon be extended to all states. But Luxbet generally display a real level of fairness to punters across most markets, with few complaints of banning or limiting.

Provided you prove yourself to be a genuine punter who isn’t only focused on smaller markets or pricing errors, you shouldn’t have too many problems with Luxbet.

  • Treatment of Winners 4.5/5

Bottom Line

Luxbet are a must-have option for any punter due to impressive prices and the crucial Best of the Best product, that they’re generally happy to extend to all punters regardless of individual profitability. Particularly for those keen on their racing, a Luxbet account is an absolute necessity. Although they fall a little short in some areas, those important to serious punters – such as price – are areas that Luxbet excel in.

  • Website Layout 2/5
  • Mobile App 3/5
  • Competitive Odds 4.5/5
  • Amount of Markets 4/5
  • Promos 2/5
  • Live Betting 3/5
  • Treatment of Winners 4.5/5

Overall 3.5/5

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